Priorities, Issues, & Updates From Village Hall

My Priorities as Trustee

  • Taxes – We have some of the highest property taxes in the country. Though village taxes are a small amount of the tax bill, we have to control spending to avoid adding to the tax burden. The village has stayed under the tax cap each year since I joined the board, and I pledge to continue this streak.
  • Quality of Life – Managing development in a smart and sensible way is critical! Too little development and Nyack could stagnate. Too much, and it could drastically change for the worse. And of course, the example of Ramapo shows what can happen if building and zoning codes are not enforced and adhered to. Smart and well thought out planning is needed to balance the needs of the community. Since I joined the board, we have acted to control density by reducing the number of units a developer can build using the village sustainability bonus, and re-zoned several properties to lower density.
  • Sustainable Development – Finding a balance and supporting the right kind of development while maintaining the things that make Nyack “Nyack” is a priority. Pursuing historic preservation, promoting affordable housing, and supporting local small businesses go hand in hand with this goal.
  • Waterfront Revitalization – One of our defining features as a community is our proximity and access to the Hudson River. We must take advantage of this asset through smart planning for Memorial Park and our marina, such as the full implementation of the Memorial Park master plan, and the development of water-related uses like boat rentals and waterfront restaurants. In the past two years, the opening of the splash pad and new gazebo have turned Memorial Park into a bigger destination than ever. In 2018, the Village Board implemented new guidelines requiring groups that want to use the park to apply for a permit, but we still have more work to do to manage the park to keep it clean and accessible to residents.
  • Public Outreach – Village government must do more to make sure that residents get timely information about village business and can easily share their opinions with elected officials. Improving open communication with residents is a priority for me. Information on the village website should be easy to find and access. We have already made a number of improvements to the website and will soon be overhauling it entirely.
  • Fix Roads and Sidewalks  – Our public infrastructure needs continued maintenance and repair. Many sidewalks in the village are in terrible shape, and although the responsibility to maintain them rests with the property owner, we must work harder to find creative ways to get sidewalk repairs completed. Already, the village has repaired sidewalks on S. Midland and several other streets, and in 2019, we will begin a major project to fully replace damaged sidewalks along the entire length of Broadway.

It’s not possible to list every issue here, so if you have a question about my thoughts on any issue, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me directly with any ideas, questions or concerns about these or other issues, using the contact information found on the “contact” page.


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Overnight Parking Plan

In September, 2018 I presented the Village Board with an analysis of the village’s existing overnight parking rules and a plan for changes. The Board is acting on some of the recommendations already, and I continue to advocate for a full review of our overnight parking regulations.

Read the analysis and plan here: