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After a lifetime of living in Nyack and several years working in local government, I was appointed as a Village Trustee in April, 2017 by Mayor Jen Laird-White to fill a vacancy on the Village Board. Now, I’m running for a full 2-year term. I finished in first place in the Democratic Primary Election in September and now I am one of the two Democratic nominees for Trustee in the General Election on Tuesday, November 7. 

Politics is filled with people who make promises they can’t deliver. We’ve got one of them sitting in the White House right now. That’s not my style. Of course, I wouldn’t be running for Trustee if I didn’t believe I have some good ideas to improve Nyack and protect our quality of life. But I also know I don’t have all the answers. That’s why the one promise I will make is to always keep an open mind and be ready to listen to ideas from the community. I ask for your support on November 7th so that I can make village government answer to you!

On this page, you can find information about my background, my priorities as Village Trustee, information on the many current and former elected officials who are endorsing my candidacy, and you can sign up to volunteer or donate to help the campaign.

Please feel free to use the information listed on the “Contact” page of this website to reach out to me personally with any questions.


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Nyack Village Trustee
Term ends December 31, 2017
Nyack Village Trustee
Democratic Primary Election
September 12, 2017


Elijah Poster